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Bob Butler

Stockgap are a great supplier with an extensive product range, experienced and knowledgeable staff that care about their customers. Their fast, reliable & efficient delivery service to our branches or direct to our customers makes them an integral part our business. They are a pleasure to deal with
- Bob Butler from Ridgeons.

Jim McMeckan
I have been using Stockgap for over twenty years since I started in Builders Merchants initially at Hall & Co in Epsom and continued throughout my time in the industry, I have always found them helpful and reliable and the staff in the office always bend over backwards to accommodate our deliveries. They hold a great range of weird and wonderful stock lines that complement our existing stock range. The other great thing about Stockgap is that unlike other distributors in the industry they will never deal directly with the builder which means we can send them into our regular customers without worry. In short I would recommend Stockgap to any timber or builders merchants looking to expand their product range without having to actually hold, store and outlay for the stock
- Jim McMeckan from Condell.
Peter Cudd
Grant and Stone are very pleased with the service provided by Stockgap. The fast and delivery service to yard and site is invaluable, they carry a large and extensive stock range and have knowledable and experienced staff.
- Peter Cudd from Grant & Stone