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FAQ’s About Stockgap

All Frequently asked questions about stockist’s services and Much more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a builder buy from you direct?

    No. As a distributor we are probably unique. We only supply builder merchants. We will always direct a builder to his nearest merchant. We will always give technical advice to a builder.

  • When do you deliver?

    Usually within two or three working days and we use our own unbranded vehicles.

  • Can a builder collect from Stockgap?

    With prior arrangement with a builders merchant. Either the builder or a merchant can collect. We also use couriers.

  • What are your opening hours?

    8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday

  • Can a merchant send you technical drawings for a take-off?

    Yes. We usually get quantities back to you in about 7 working days. If it is more urgent, please tell us.

  • Is it better for a merchant to go direct to a manufacturer?

    We keep extensive stocks of all products we sell. Manufacturers have extended delivery times and ‘minimum quantities’. Our prices are competitive and our service and loyalty to merchants is legendary!

  • Would I get better service from a manufacturer?

    No. We service our builder merchant customers as though we were a manufacturer. We give immediate technical advice, supply literature and advise on stock levels. Within our area we know that no-one gives a better service than Stockgap. Ask another merchant who uses us!

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